Remote Participation

For the MBG Auditorium audio connection (ATT):
1. Dial: 877-873-8017
2. Access Code: 1921523#

For the meeting room audio connection (ATT):

1. Dial: 877-336-1839
2. Access Code:
for B318:              1388819#
for B252:              1204672#
for B331:              1802512#
for CR Annex:      1150464#

At the tone state your name, and please mute when not speaking

To view presentations in real-time using ReadyTalk:

1. Start a browser, i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari
2. Go to:

Under "Participant, Join a Conference" enter the code for the room you want:
for Auditorium:     6194701
for B318:             
for B252:              3896190
for B331:              1547284
for CR Annex:      1979225

Then enter your name underneath "
Participant Registration".