Publications 2021

SCOTTI F, Stotler DP, Bell RE, et al.,
Outer midplane neutral density measurements and H-mode fueling studies in NSTX-U
NUCLEAR FUSION 61 036002 (January 2021)

YANG J, Podesta M, Fredrickson ED

Synergy of coupled kink and tearing modes in fast ion transport
PLASMA PHYS. CONTROL. FUSION 63 045003 (February 2021)

RAFIQ T, Kaye S, Guttenfelder W, et al.,
J. PLASMA FUSION RES., 97 3-11 (2021)

BOYER MD, Chadwick J,

Recently Accepted

LESTZ J, Belova E, Gorelenkov N,
Hybrid simulations of sub-cyclotron compressional and global Alfvén Eigenmode stability in spherical tokamaks
Accepted for publication in NUCL. FUSION (2021)

TANG SX, Carter TA, Crocker N, et al.,
Stabilization of Alfven eigenmodes in DIII-D via controlled energetic ion density ramp and validation of theory and simulations
Accepted for publication in PHYS. REV. LETT. (2021)

KURODA K, Raman R, Hasegawa M, et al,
Initial results from high-field side transient CHI start-up on QUEST
Accepted for publication in PLASMA and FUSION RESEARCH (2021)


LUNSFORD R, Killer C, Nagy A, et al.,
Characterization of injection and confinement improvement through impurity induced profile modifications on Wendelstein 7-X
Submitted to PHYSICS of PLASMAS (2021)