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Access Requirements

Steps to Gain Access to the NSTX Test Cell

The training requirements for unescorted access into the NSTX test cell are listed on page 5 of OP-NSTX-012 (contact PPPL Operations Center for Controlled Copy):

The minimum training required for an unescorted NSTX accessor includes:

    • OP-AD-39, Conduct of Operations
    • OP-AD-56, Chain of Command
    • OP-AD-09, Work Permits
    • ENG-036, Control of Temporary Modifications
    • OP-AD-24, Control of Workplace Cleanliness
    • OP-AD-117, NSTX Access

Completion of access training does not automatically grant access authorization. Once the required training is accomplished, the NSTX Operations Manager must authorize the card readers to allow entry to the Accessor. NSTX management retains the right to authorize or deny access at any time.