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PFC Requirements Working Group

Leader: presently open as of FY19 (interim: Matthew L. Reinke)
presently open

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1.  Define which (additional) parameters need to be specified in an updated requirements document for the NSTX-U PFCs (Status:  Completed 12/17)

2. Facilitate generation of updated requirements utilizing: (Status: ongoing)
a. Available reduced models, empirical scalings, boundary simulations (9/18)
b. Ultimately, a validated model for specifying heat loads to all plasma facing components for arbitrary NSTX-U scenarios 

3. In preparation for operations, develop: (Status:  paused)

a. Instrumentation plan for intra and inter-shot PFC monitoring 
b. A reduced model for heat loading for pre-shot planning 
c. Guidance on how to best integrate monitoring with operations 
d. Control, diagnostic requirements for real-time heat-flux control 

4. Work closely with engineers and analysts to develop and implement requirements (9/18)

Tasks: Organize meetings and reports to address above charges 

Due dates: 
            Charge #2 activities 12/19
            Charge #3 activities paused as of FY19