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User Group and Facility Improvement

Facilitators: Brent Stratton (, Greg Tchilinguirian (

You can view slides describing findings from recent DOE SC user facility visits here.

Do you have a comments or suggestions about NSTX-U User Groups and User Facility Improvements?  If so, please enter your comments using the Google form here.

To view your comments/recommendations and those of others, see the responses here.

Brent and Greg are facilitators to kick off this process - but we want/need your ideas and contributions to this process and are seeking volunteers to lead efforts of interest and have NSTX-U users ultimately lead these efforts.   

Depending on the level of interest in these activities, a group e-mail list can be formed.

Working Group Charges:  

1.  Get user/potential user input on the utility of having an NSTX-U User Group

2.  Develop, prioritize, time-phase a list of user group topics for WG - examples:
  • User Group structure, governance, charter, executive committee, need for existence
  • User interfaces to facility:  user status, training, proposal submission, review, scheduling, ....
  • Diagnostic documentation, implementation and modification workflow, impacts of QAPD and ASO
  • Data analysis tool development and prioritization
  • Outreach to broader community to describe / inform NSTX-U mission, capabilities, opportunities
  • TBD, i.e. any topic the users think is important for users!
3.  Begin one or more WG sub-tasks / sub-groups to address WG topics 
    Tasks: Organize meetings and reports to address above charges 

    Due dates:
    Charge 1 - June 1, 2018 - Use charge 2 as a guide, report to NSTX-U directorship

    Charge 2 - August 3, 2018 - Report to Research Team on list from Charge 2

    Charge 3 - sub-groups, tasks, due-dates TBD