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NCC Specification Working Group

Leader: Jong-Kyu Park
John Canik

  • Specify required coil current, frequency, and location for NCC
    • Consider full set (24 coils) and partial set (12 coils)
    • Consider range of applications: NTV, EFC, RWM, RMP, ELM pacing, etc...
  • Specify required number of independent SPA channels vs. applications and requested capabilities

  • Organize summary presentation(s) on IPECOPT and other design/code analysis results
  • Give presentation(s) making recommendations on NCC and SPA performance requirements, gather and incorporate team input
  • Generate written report documenting NCC and SPA requirements for use in developing engineering requirements document (GRD) to drive engineering design

Due dates:
  • Initial written report April 2015 if possible (no later than May)
  • Consult with Project/engineers/designers as needed until implementation