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Wave Heating and Current Drive TSG

Rory Perkins
Joel Hosea
 Theory / Modelling Nicola Bertelli
 University Representative Paul Bonoli
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Overall TSG objective:  Establish basis for non-inductive (NI) operation and RF code validation
Thrust 1 - Develop FW/EC heating for fully NI plasma current start-up and ramp-up
  • FW-driven NI Ip ramp-up to a level that can confine fast-ions from the 2nd neutral beam
  • Increase Te(0) in CHI and gun-initiated plasmas to allow NBI and FW heating
  • Plasma start-up with only EBW heating at ~1 MW level 
Thrust 2 - Validate state-of-the-art RF codes for NSTX-U and predict RF performance in future burning plasma devices
  • Include high-fidelity SOL, antenna, fast-ion interaction and edge turbulence models in RF codes
  • Compare code predictions with NSTX-U RF heating results
Primary Related Programmatic Milestones
ITPA Participation:
  • IOS-5.2 Maintaining ICRH coupling in expected ITER Regime