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Solenoid-Free Start-up and Ramp-up TSG

Dennis Mueller
Roger Raman
 Theory / Modelling Fatima Ebrahimi
 University Representative (see above)
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Overall TSG objective: Develop and understand non-inductive start-up/ramp-up to project to ST-FNSF operation with small or no Solenoid 

Thrust 1 - Establish and Extend Solenoid-free Plasma Start-up
  • Re-establish transient CHI discharges utilizing
  • Determine maximum toroidal currents generated by CHI
Thrust 2 - Test NBI Current Ramp-up
  • Assess NBI coupling + current drive efficiency in 300-800kA flat-top current inductive plasmas
  • Use combinations of NBI and HHFW to attempt noninductive ramp-up of Ip = 0.5-0.6MA (inductive target) to 0.8-9MA
Thrust 3 - Ramp-up CHI plasma discharges using ECH, HHFW and NBI and test plasma gun start-up
  • Maximize the levels of CHI-produced plasma currents
  • Extend duration of high-current CHI target using ECH/ HHFW and test effectiveness of NBI coupling to CHI-target
  • Ramp-up of CHI target + ECH/HHFW and HHFW+NBI
  • If guns ready, commission and test on NSTX-U