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Advanced Scenarios and Control TSG

Devon Battaglia
Stefan Gerhardt
 Theory / Modelling Francesca Poli
 University Representative Egemen Kolemen
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Overall TSG objective: Develop the basis for integrated, steady-state operation and axisymmetric control for next-step STs, while helping resolve key scenario and control issues for ITER

Thrust 1 - Scenario Physics
• Development of 100% non-inductive operation
• Extend the high-current, partial-inductive scenarios to long-pulse

Thrust 2 - Axisymmetric Control Development
• Develop methods to control the heat flux for high-power scenarios
• Develop rotation and current profile control

Thrust 3 - Disruption Avoidance By Controlled Discharge Shutdown
• Develop detection of impending disruptions
• Develop techniques for the automated termination of discharges

Thrust 4 - Scenario Physics for Next Step Devices
• Determine the optimal, simultaneous q- and rotation profiles
• Study the conditions for classical beam current drive
• Explore & validate integrated models for projections to FNSF
ITPA Participation:
• IOS-1.1 ITER baseline, at q95=3, bN=1.8, ne=0.85nGW (D, H, He)
• IOS-1.2 Divertor heat flux reduction in ITER baseline scenario
• IOS-2.1 Compare helium H-modes in different devices
• IOS-3.2 Define access conditions to get to SS scenario
• IOS-3.3 Core confinement for q(0)=2
• IOS-5.2 Maintaining ICRH coupling in expected ITER Regime