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Transport and Turbulence TSG

Walter Guttenfelder
Yang Ren
 Theory / Modelling Weixing Wang
 University Representative Kevin Tritz
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Overall TSG objective:
 Establish predictive capability for the performance of FNSF and future devices

Thrust 1 - Characterize H-mode global energy confinement scaling in the lower collisionality regime of NSTX-U

Thrust 2 - Identify regime of validity for instabilities responsible for anomalous electron thermal, momentum, and particle/impurity transport in NSTX-U
  • Low-k modes (kperp*rhos<=1): ITG/TEM/KBM, MT
  • High-k mode: ETG
  • Alfven eigenmodes: CAE/GAE
Thrust 3 - Establish and validate reduced transport models

Primary Related Programmatic Milestones 
ITPA Participation:
  • TC-9 Scaling of intrinsic plasma rotation with no external momentum input
  • TC-10  Experimental identification of ITG, TEM and ETG turbulence and comparison with codes
  • TC-11  He and impurity profiles and transport coefficients
  • TC-14  RF Rotation Drive
  • TC-15  Dependence of momentum and particle pinch on collisionality 
  • TC-17  ρ* scaling of the edge intrinsic torque
  • TC-19  Characteristics of I-mode plasmas transitions
  • TC-24  Impact of resonant magnetic perturbations on transport and confinement