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Macroscopic Stability TSG

Jack Berkery
Jong-Kyu Park
 Theory / Modelling Steve Jardin
 University Representative Dylan Brennan
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Overall TSG objective:
Establish the physics and control capabilities needed for sustained stability of high performance ST plasmas

Thrust 1 - Stability: Understand and advance passive and active feedback control to sustain macroscopic stability at low collisionality
  • Resistive wall mode (RWM) active control
  • New non-axisymmetric control coils (NCC) and enhanced magnetic sensors
  • MHD mode stability physics
Thrust 2 - 3D Fields: Understand 3D field effects and provide physics basis for optimizing stability through equilibrium profile control by 3D fields
  • Error field (EF) correction
  • Locking and tearing modes with resonant and non-resonant EFs
  • Tearing mode physics vs. rotation and rotation shear
  • Neoclassical toroidal viscosity
Thrust 3 - Disruptions: Understand disruption dynamics and develop techniques for disruption prediction, avoidance, and mitigation in high-performance ST plasmas
  • Prediction and avoidance
  • Mitigation with MGI
  • Transient heat loads and halo currents
Primary Related Programmatic Milestones
ITPA Participation:
  • MDC-1: Disruption mitigation by massive gas jets 
  • MDC-15: Disruption database development MDC-17: Active disruption avoidance 
  • MDC-22: Disruption prediction for ITER