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Energetic Particles TSG

Mario Podesta
Deyong Liu
 Theory / Modelling Nicolai Gorelenkov
 University Representative Neal Crocker
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Overall TSG objective: Enable predictions of fast ion behavior and associated instabilities in high-β, super-Alfvénic regimes (ITER/FNSF)

Thrust 1 - Develop predictive tools for *AE-induced fast ion transport
  • Reproduce fast ion transport for broad range of mode properties (frequency, spectrum, structure, regime)
  • Verification & Validation vs. NSTX-U data to assess predictive capability
Thrust 2 - Assess requirements for fast ion phase space engineering (towards Fnb and mode control)
  • Assess techniques to affect Fnb, mode properties through application of NB, RF, 3D fields, and/or external antennae
Primary Related Programmatic Milestones
ITPA Participation:
  • EP-6 Fast-Ion Losses and Associated Heat Load from Edge Perturbations (ELMs and RMPs)