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Pedestal Structure and Control TSG

 Ahmed Diallo
 Rajesh Maingi
Theory / Modelling  John Canik
University Representative  David Smith
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Overall TSG objective:  Control and optimize the H-mode pedestal and ELMs

Thrust 1 - Assess and control pedestal structure, edge transport and stability
  • Pedestal structure, transport and turbulence studies
  • ELM characterization and control
ITPA Participation:
  • DSOL-35 In out divertor ELM energy density asymmetries
  • PEP-26 Critical edge parameters for achieving L-H transition
  • PEP-28 Physics of H-mode access with different X-point height
  • PEP-29 Vertical jolts/kicks for ELM triggering and control
  • PEP-30 ELM control by pellet pacing in ITER-like plasma conditions and consequences for plasma confinement
  • PEP-31 Pedestal structure and edge relaxation mechanisms in I-mode
  • PEP-37 Effect of low-Z impurity on pedestal and global confinement