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Divertor and Scrape-Off-Layer TSG

Vlad Soukhanovskii
Joon-Wook Ahn
Theory / Modelling Daren Stotler
University Representative Oliver Schmitz
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Overall TSG objective:  Test both innovative and conventional power and particle exhaust solutions, and develop integrated solutions with good core, pedestal, and divertor operation

Thrust 1 Assess and control divertor heat and particle fluxes
  • SOL transport and turbulence, impurity transport
  • Divertor heat flux mitigation with impurity seeding and divertor geometry
Thrust 3 - Establish and compare long-pulse particle control methods
  • Validate cryo-pump physics design, assess density control and recycling
  • Compare cryo to lithium coatings for particle (collisionality) control
ITPA Participation:
  • DSOL-34 Far-SOL fluxes and link to detachment