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Joint Research Targets

Year Topic Lead facility C-Mod leader DIII-D leader NSTX(-U) leader
Conduct research to examine the effect of configuration on operating space for dissipative divertors.

 V. Soukhanovskii
J.-W. Ahn (deputy)
FY16 Conduct research to detect and minimize the consequences of disruptions in present and future tokamaks, including ITER. C-Mod R. Granetz N. Eidietis R. Raman,
S. Sabbagh (deputy)
FY15 Conduct experiments and analysis to quantify the impact of broadened current and pressure profiles on tokamak plasma confinement and stability. NSTX-U G. Wallace C. Holcomb M. Podesta
FY14 Conduct experiments and analysis to investigate and quantify plasma response to non-axisymmetric (3D) magnetic fields in tokamaks. DIII-D J. Rice T. Strait J.-K. Park
FY13 Conduct experiments on major fusion facilities, to evaluate stationary enhanced confinement regimes without large Edge Localized Modes (ELMs). NSTX A. Hubbard M. Fenstermacher S. Gerhardt
FY12 Conduct experiments on major fusion facilities leading toward improved understanding of core transport and enhanced capability to predict core temperature and density profiles. C-Mod M. Greenwald K. Burrell S. Kaye
FY11 Improve the understanding of the physics mechanisms responsible for the structure of the pedestal and compare with the predictive models described in the companion theory milestone. DIII-D J. Hughes R. Groebner R. Maingi
FY10 Conduct experiments on major fusion facilities to improve understanding of the heat transport in the tokamak scrape-off layer (SOL) plasma, strengthening the basis for projecting divertor conditions in ITER. NSTX B. LaBombard C.J. Lasnier R. Maingi
FY09 Conduct experiments on major fusion facilities to develop understanding of particle control and hydrogenic fuel retention in tokamaks. C-Mod D. Whyte S. Allen C. Skinner
FY08 Evaluate the generation of plasma rotation and momentum transport, and assess the impact of plasma rotation on stability and confinement. DIII-D J. Rice J. deGrassie S. Kaye