Diagnostic research plans for FY2016-2018


Each year the NSTX-U program requests to hear a brief summary of the 3 year research plans from collaborating researchers who were funded by the most recent FES solicitation.  This summary is presented to, and archived for, the entire team so everyone on the team is aware of what is planned / proposed.  

The most recent FES solicitation was for diagnostic collaboration by universities and industry, so there are two upcoming meetings focusing on diagnostics. To get a comprehensive picture of diagnostic status and plans, we also request diagnostic plans from collaborating national labs, the recently approved MIT 5 year plan, and new/proposed PPPL diagnostics. These presentations will feed into subsequent discussions of port space needs and prioritization.

Presentation Guidance:
  • Cover your diagnostic development and implementation plans for FY16, 17, and 18 related to NSTX-U.  For labs, assume budgets similar to previous funding levels.
  • Please leave ~50% of your allotted time for questions
  • There are many talks - please stay on time - be fair to your fellow researchers
Location at PPPL:  NSTX-U Control Room Annex

Presentation files: are downloadable from here

Remote connection info:  see Zoom information below


Tuesday, May 17, 2016 (all times Eastern)
1:00 PM J. Menard - Introduction / Agenda
1:10 PM UW Madison: G. McKee / D. Smith
1:30 PM UW Madison: D. Den Hartog
1:50 PM UW Madison: O. Schmitz
2:10 PM LLNL: V. Soukhanovskii
2:35 PM ORNL Boundary: M. Reinke / T. Gray / J. Ahn
3:00 PM MIT: B. LaBombard / J. Rice / J. Terry / B. Mumgaard
3:40 PM X Science LLC: R. Maqueda
4:00 PM UTK: B. Wirth / K. Gan
4:20 PM UC Irvine: B. Heidbrink / D. Liu
4:40 PM FIU: W. Boeglin 
5:00 PM End of meeting

Friday, May 27, 2016 (all times Eastern)
1:00 PM PPPL: A. Diallo / Pulse-burst laser in ECRP 
1:20 PM Princeton: E. Kolemen
1:40 PM PPPL: C. Myers / halo diagnostics + other magnetics 
1:55 PM UCLA: T. Rhodes / S. Kubota
2:15 PM UC Davis: N. Luhmann / C. Domier / Y. Ren
2:35 PM Johns Hopkins: K. Tritz / D. Stutman
2:55 PM PPPL: L. Delgado-Aparicio / ME-SXR in ECRP
3:15 PM Illinois: J.P. Allain / Bedoya
3:35 PM Princeton: B. Koel (surface science for NSTX-U)
3:55 PM ORNL RF: J. Caughman / C. Lau
4:15 PM Nova Photonics: F. Levinton / H. Yuh
4:35 PM PPPL: R. Bell for HAL
4:45 PM PPPL: M. Podesta / CHERS, ERD, other
5:00 PM End of meeting

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