PPPL site access information

If you are NOT a US citizen, you are required to fill out this on-line form for PPPL security:


PPPL site access information for all visitors:

Visitors should use the traffic lane to the left (approaching the security booth).

Visitors will be required to identify the name of their PPPL host and provide photo identification for entry to the Laboratory.

During hours when the Security Booth is not staffed, you will need to use the telephone at the guard booth, and an Emergency Services Officer will come out to greet the visitor/vendor at the booth to verify identity and permit access.

The Host is the PPPL manager or supervisor who is the responsible line manager for the visitor or assignee.

PPPL HOST for NSTX-U 5 Year Plan Review Meeting:

HOST NAME: Jon Menard/Joanne Savino

HOST PHONE: 609-243-3379 (Savino)