Theory and computation brainstorming meeting

March 2 and 5, 2012
B318 - PPPL
Start time:  9 AM EST

For the AGENDA, click here

In preparation for the 2014-18 Five Year Plan, we are holding a brainstorming meeting to identify key theory and modeling needs in support of the NSTX-U research program.  The meeting will attempt to address key issues from the perspectives of both experiment and theory (including modeling/CPPG), and seeks:

(1) Ideas and presentations from members of the NSTX-U experimental research team describing needed capabilities from existing or new theory and simulation to support NSTX-U research goals.

(2) Ideas and presentations from the NSTX-U and PPPL theory and simulation communities describing what new experiments and/or measurements are needed to better support the development or interpretation of theory and simulation.

A list of overarching topics recommended by the Topical Science Group for enhanced Theory-Experiment collaboration can be found here
However, all ideas will be considered, and all are welcome to submit ideas.  


1.  To contribute an idea and reserve a place on the agenda, please enter your idea in the following Google spreadsheet:   Theory and modeling idea list      (NOTE: your browser must support javascript)

2. Presenters should upload PPT and/or PDF slides to the Drag-N-Drop area:

or can send their slides to Stan Kaye ( by the end of the day on Feb. 29, 2012.

Please limit yourself to a maximum of two slides and 10 minutes per idea.  One slide and 5 minutes per idea is preferred, as we are looking for a succinct description of good ideas rather than technical details.

The agenda for the meeting will be located here once available.

For remote participation including web-based viewing of slides we will use ReadyTalk:

From a Web browser go to:

Under “Join A Meeting” enter the Access Code:   3777571

The phone number for the meeting is:


Access Code: 1388819#

RealPlayer instructions:
- Start RealPlayer
- File/Open
- Insert the following in the Open window:
- Click OK