Outline and Timeline Comments

To: NSTX-U Research Team

Based on team brainstorming over the past year, advice from the NSTX-U PAC, and topical science group discussions, a draft version of the OUTLINE and TIMELINES for the NSTX-U five year plan for 2014-18 is now available for your review and comment:

  • The 5 year plan outline + timeline documents are located here:  docx   pdf
  • The 5 year timelines from the outline document above are provided here
  • A long-range timeline of proposed facility enhancements is provided here
  • The staged operational plan of NSTX-U is downloadable from here
  • All of the above documents (including ppt source) are archived here

In the outline document, at the beginning of each topical science chapter you will find 2-3 primary research "thrusts" or goals, followed by research plans, and finalized with a timeline of physics goals and tools.  If you wish to contribute any additional ideas and/or authorship to the five year plan, let us know ASAP.

Please provide your feedback on any or all of this - and especially the thrusts - to the chapter authors listed on the first page of the outline, and please CC me also (jmenard@pppl.gov).

Please provide your feedback by August 31, 2012.