Facility enhancement brainstorming meeting

February 7 and 8, 2012
B318 - PPPL
Start time:  1PM EST

Remote participation info is provided at the bottom of this page
The agenda is located: here
The presentations are located: here


In preparation for NSTX-U operations (expected to start April 2014) and in preparation for the 2014-18 Five Year Plan, we are holding a brainstorming meeting for facility enhancements. This meeting is meant to focus primarily on things other than diagnostics, and is complementary to the diagnostic brainstorming meeting held last summer.  Ideas and presentations should emphasize what new science, operational scenarios, predictive capabilities, or other issues critical to the success of ITER, FNSF, and fusion generally would be addressed with the proposed facility enhancements. All ideas will be considered (within reason), and all are welcome to submit ideas.   Example facility enhancements include:  high-Z PFCs for the divertor or first-wall, enhanced plasma control capabilities, particle control systems, HHFW antenna or NBI modifications, in-vessel coils for MHD control, ...


1.  To contribute an idea and reserve a place on the agenda, please enter your idea in the following Google spreadsheet:   Facility enhancement idea list      (NOTE: your browser must support javascript)

2. Presenters should upload PPT and/or PDF slides to the Drag-N-Drop area:

or can send their slides to Masa Ono (mono@pppl.gov) by the end of the day on Feb. 3, 2012.

Please limit yourself to a maximum of two slides and 10 minutes per idea.  One slide and 5 minutes per idea is preferred, as we are looking for a succinct description of good ideas rather than technical details.

3. New diagnostic ideas which were not presented at the diagnostic brainstorming meeting will be accepted but only for one slide / 5 minutes per idea as before.

For remote participation including web-based viewing of slides we will use ReadyTalk:

From a Web browser go to: http://esnet.readytalk.com/

Under “Join A Meeting” enter the Access Code:   3777571

The phone number for the meeting is:


Access Code: 1388819#

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- Start RealPlayer
- File/Open
- Insert the following in the Open window:
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