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LRDFIT Installation Instructions

1)  Directory and account setup (skip this step if you have done this previously):

a)  Have a Unix system administrator create an LRDFIT work directory for you named:


where <user> is your UNIX user name and have them add you to three UNIX groups (if you are not already in those groups):  (i) nstx, (ii) nstxres, and (iii) nstxlrdfit
E-mail your request (with subject line "Request to setup LRDFIT directories and groups") to:,, and your host/supervisor if you are new to PPPL and/or NSTX.

b)  Contact Lena Scimeca ( to add you to the LRDFIT Users Mailing List (

2)  Update your .cshrc file, then "source" your .cshrc file to activate changes:

 Edit your .cshrc file on UNIX and make sure this line is the first line in your .cshrc file: 

/usr/bin/test -r /etc/profile.d/pppl.csh && source /etc/profile.d/pppl.csh

 Next, if you are new to the PPPL/NSTX Unix environment, and have not already included the loading of modules for accessing IDL and NSTX data in your .cshrc file, add the following line to your .cshrc file:

source /u/jmenard/.cshrc.nstxcollab

The above .cshrc file will define default aliases, modules, and environment variables for 
new users (If the above .cshrc file is not used, contact other users for settings that work for them.)

c) Next, add this line at the end of your .cshrc file:

source /u/jmenard/.cshrc.lrdfit3.nstx

Note:  this should be the only active line related to lrdfit, i.e. delete or comment out any other "source" lines for lrdfit, for instance for .cshrc.lrdfit.nstx or .cshrc.lrdfit1.nstx

d) Save the change to your .cshrc file, and at a UNIX prompt, type:
        source ~/.cshrc
        to activate the change.
        e) Next, at the same UNIX prompt, install LRDFIT Version 3 by typing:

3)  To run LRDFIT, at a UNIX prompt on the PPPL UNIX cluster, type:   lrdfit