Action Items

The Recovery Project, NSTX-U Research and the Working Group will generate a range of Action Items to be completed by the team.  Some will be simple literature reviews, others will require in-depth modeling or technical analysis.  These should be tracked in the tables below: one for Open Actions, the other for Closed Actions.

The Action Number formatting with include a YY-MM-### format to assign a number which will help keep track of rough dates.  Actions can be entered by anyone if he/she feels there's something important to look at.  Feel free to self-assign these and be open to others helping out, but please don't assign tasks to others without them knowing.  The Slack and e-mail list can be used to help organize further work on these topics.  There is one sheet to track Open Items and one to track Closed Items and document the content created.

The Open Actions document can be edited via this link.
The Closed Actions document can be edited via this link
note- those outside of will have to request access through the links