NSTX Upgrade Program Advisory Committee Meeting
January 26-28, 2016
Lyman Spitzer Building - B318

(Please mute your microphone if you are not speaking)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

 Time  Speaker  Presentation
1 PM 
 Stewart Prager  Welcome and charge to the PAC
1:10  Mark Foster  Comments from DOE
1:20  John Sarff  PAC member introductions, agenda and plan of meeting
1:30 Devon Battaglia Overview of Initial NSTX-U Plasma Operations
2:00  Jon Menard  Overview of NSTX-U Research Program Progress and Plans
3:00 Coffee Break  
3:15  Masa Ono
 Overview of NSTX-U Facility and Diagnostics Status and Plans
 D. Boyer + F. Poli Plasma Control and Non-inductive Scenario Modeling using TRANSP
5:00 A. Bhattacharjee NSTX-U / Theory Partnership Status and Plans
5:45  John Sarff  PAC Executive Session
6:30  John Sarff  Feedback and questions for NSTX-U team
6:35  Adjourn  
 PAC dinner for PAC members+presenters: map and directions (PDF)
 Restaurant: Eno Terra
 Address: 4484 NJ-27, Kingston, NJ 08528 (Google maps)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016
8 AM

8:30  John Sarff  Discuss and finalize questions from PAC to NSTX-U team
9:00  Rajesh Maingi Boundary Science Group Progress and Plans
10:00  Michael Jaworksi Overview of High-Z PFC Conversion Program and Research Plans  
10:35  Coffee Break
10:50  Stan Kaye Core Science Group Progress and Plans
11:50  Steve Sabbagh
 Overview of Disruption PAM Working Group
12:30  Lunch
1:20  Stefan Gerhardt Integrated Scenarios Science Group Progress and Plans
2:10  Jon Menard + team NSTX-U Team Response to PAC questions
3:10  Coffee Break
3:30  John Sarff  PAC Executive Session
5:30  John Sarff
 Final feedback and questions to NSTX-U team (as requested)
5:45 PAC members Tour of NSTX-U
6:00  Adjourn  

Thursday, January 28, 2016
 Time  Speaker  Presentation
8:30  Coffee   
9:00  Jon Menard
 Final NSTX-U team response to PAC questions (as requested)
9:30    PAC Executive Session
12 PM
 Lunch and PAC Executive Session
12:45  John Sarff
 Debriefing - closeout presentation (Zoom connection)
1:30  Adjourn