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‎FY2018 NSTX-U Facility and Diagnostic Milestones‎

Diagnostic Milestone D(18-1): Install and commission Far Infrared Tangential Interferometer / Polarimeter diagnostic system (September 2018) 

Description: A new Far Infrared Tangential Interferometer / Polarimeter (FIReTIP) will be installed on NSTX-U and commissioned. The FIReTIP system was developed by UC Davis to measure line-averaged plasma densities. This system uses a carbon dioxide laser to pump a methanol laser to create the far infrared beam needed for NSTX-U plasma densities. The system includes a new real-time vibration compensation capability to enable the FIReTIP signals from a central chord to be used for future real-time density feedback control. Commissioning activities will include insuring that the lasers and data acquisition capabilities are operational for the FIReTIP diagnostic, and testing of the vibration compensation system.