NSTX Theory and Computation Brainstorming Workshop

S. Kaye: Introduction (Fri. 3/2 9 AM)

A. Boozer: Theory perspectives

Macro (Fri. 3/2 9:30 AM)

S. Sabbagh: Plans and related needs for theory/modeling support - Columbia University group

J. Berkery: RWM kinetic stability theory improvements for the MISK code

S. Jardin: Modeling MHD events on the transport time scale

C.S. Chang: Pedestal-ELM cycle

S. Lazerson: 3D Equilibrium Reconstruction

K. Kim: New delta-f particle code for calculation of non-ambipolar transport and NTV

L. Zakharov: MHD aspects of NSTX-U & Theory cooperation

WEP (Fri. 3/2 11 AM)

G. Taylor: Advanced RF codes supporting HHFW research on NSTX-U

P. Bonoli: Revisiting the HHFW-NBI Interaction in NSTX-U plasmas (remote)

N. Bertelli: HHFW Modeling Needs

C. Phillips: Possible slow wave excitation during HHFW

G.-Y. Fu: M3D-K modeling: kink mode, fishbones and TAE

R. White: Particle transport by TAEs and other modes

E. Belova: HYM simulations of subcyclotron frequency modes: effects on fast ions, and electron transport


Lithium (Fri. 3/2 1:10 PM)

A. Hakim: Coupled FACETSL Core/Edge/Wall PSI modeling of NSTX lithium discharges

C.S. Chang: Neoclassical and turbulent Li transport from first principles


Boundary (Fri. 3/2 1:30 PM)

G. Hammett: Testing of edge gyrokinetic/gyrofluid codes on NSTX-U data 

X. Xu: Simulations from a gyrofluid extension of the BOUT++ code (remote)

C.S. Chang: First-principles understanding of turbulence and transport in H-mode pedestal 

C.S. Chang: Boundary physics study in XGC1 full-f GK code

S.-H. Ku: Edge electron turbulence calculations with XGC1

S.-H. Ku: Effects of RMP with edge turbulence

D. Stotler: Impurity transport & radiation in XGC0-DEGAS2 edge neoclassical transport code

D. Stotler: SOL & divertor transport in XGC0 edge neoclassical transport code

D. Stotler: Integrated petascale simulatioin of plasma facing materials response to normal and transient fusion plasmas

T. Rognlien: Validating snowflake divertor theory and models with NSTX (remote)

I. Kaganovich: The interpretation of NSTX divertor particle and heat flux measurements

J. Myra: SOL width measurement and modeling (remote)

I. Joseph: Using scrape-off-layer convection & currents to control the tokamak edge plasma (remote)


Transport (Mon. 3/5 9 AM)

S. Kaye: Needs for predictive modeling of density and momentum

S.-H. Ku: Intrinsic momentum generation

Y. Ren: The Need of a Suite of Synthetic Diagnostics for NSTX-Upgrade

W. Wang: Some NSTX transport issues - from the viewpoint of global GK simulation

C.S. Chang: Self-organized criticality in core gradient region

C.S. Chang: Spreading of turbulence into flat core region

W. Guttenfelder: Desire for predictive profile capability; Core simulation and modeling work

W. Lee: Finite-beta Effects via Global Gyrokinetic PIC simulations

ASC (Mon. 3/5 10:30 AM)

S. Gerhardt: A opinion on theory and modeling needs for the Advanced Scenarios and Control TSG

SFSU (Mon. 3/5 10:45 AM)

R. Raman : Theory needs for SFPS and on-going TSC simulations for CHI start-up

E.B. Hooper: Resistive MHD (Nimrod) simulations - CHI status and plans (remote)

F. Ebrahimi: Plans for extended-MHD simulations of NSTX -- CHI and reconnecting instabilities (remote)